Tracky Train
Tracky Train

Developed by Crash Lab

Published by Crash Lab

Tracky Train
Woo Woo! All aboard!

Get on board the App Store’s most thrilling train ride!

Lay track to stay ahead of the speeding Train. Keep moving or the Train will catch up and CRASH into you! Stay ahead by making sure the Train picks up the waiting passengers and stops at the stations to drop them off.
  • Travel through 5 colorful environments.

  • Lay down the tracks for the trains to run on.

  • Operate 12 different engine and carriage types.

  • Collect coins to upgrade and unlock new trains.

  • Collect over 100 prestigious passengers.

  • Swipe control the handcar to stay ahead of the speeding train.

  • Don’t stop! Woo Woo!